How do I measure my head?

Please follow the BlueCollar Beanies directions on the size chart page. Measure twice, order once! DO NOT use the other hat makers hat size as not all hat makers use the same measurements for sizing. I have had a few customers make that mistake and their were disappointed that their new hat didn’t fit properly, it was either too tight or too lose.

What if I measure between the sizes on the chart?

If your measurement is in between a size and you need a bit added or removed from a size that most definitely can be done. You can add that explanation into the message box on your order. If you are unsure of a fit you can start with a premade hat before making your custom order.

Will the hats shrink?

Do not order a size larger as the hats will NOT shrink. All the fabrics are prewashed and dried in the dryer extra long prior to cutting to prevent shrinking then ironed before being cut. BlueCollar Beanies are like a pair of jeans, they will fit perfect as long as you measure properly and will stretch out a bit when wearing. Once washed and even thrown in the dryer, Yes thrown in the dryer, they will shrink back to that perfect fit.

Are they 4 panel or 6 panel hats?

BlueCollar Beanies hats are all 6 panel hats with a rim (accurately measured and cut) and a beak that were designed by me based on all the complaints from welders over the years.

Are the hats double or single side?

BlueCollar Beanies originally started with only double sided hats with reinforced stitching to make the hats more durable and hold up over time. A single sided hat has just recently been introduced and is being tested for its durability. The single sided hats also have reinforced stitching for longer durability.

Do the hats have a seam on the front that will they give me a headache?

There is no seam of the front of the hat. The only seam on the hat is at the rear of the rim which is on the back over the beak. The rim is so comfortable you will not even realize you are wearing the hat.

Can I send my own logo or design for a custom printed fabric?

If you have a company and would like a custom swag fabric, you can email your logo for me to make you a swag fabric design. You are welcome to let me know what you would like to see or you can let me be creative for you.

Yes I can make you a custom fabric of your own artwork, I will not use someone else’s art unless you have been given permission to use the design. You must have a copyright permission.

What payment options are there?

Payments can be made via – MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, etransfer (Canada only), cheque (hats are not shipped till cheque arrives), cold hard cash for local buyers….or gold if you wish.

How are the hats shipped?

All packages are shipped via Canada Post. Unless you need it shipped a specific way, example – UPS, Purolator or FedEx.

What is the cost of shipping and is there tracking?

The cost for snail mail is minimal but can not be used of 4 hats+. If you do chose snail mail for more then 4 hats, they will be shipped in multiple packages. Snail mail has no tracking and can take 5-14 days depending on where you live in Canada and the US.

Choosing expedited or express post will get your package tracked with a 2-10 day delivery depending on your location.

International shipping will depend on how many hats you order (weight of the package) and could take anywhere from 3 weeks to 4 months. You may provide your own shipping options if you wish..

How long will my order of premade hats or custom made hats take?

Premade hats are shipped within 2-3 days upon ordering.

Currently orders are taking 3-5 weeks, as it is only me sewing the orders. I am working almost everyday and am also a mother needing to spend time with my family. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.