1. Use a soft tape measure to measure the circumference around your head JUST above your eyebrows and wrap it around the back of you head like in the picture below.

2. If you don’t have a soft measuring tape, use a piece of string or your cell phone charging cord works great. Then lay the string out on a table and measure it with a ruler or a tape measure.

3. Use our chart below to convert your measurement to your beanie size. Don’t forget… measure twice, order once.

PLEASE NOTE: Our sizing is NOT the same as your favorite ball cap, or the beanie you bought at your local welding supply store and may differ from other welding hat manufacturers.

I take pride in making your Beanies tailor fit to you

Please take the time to measure your head correctly. Please measure twice, order once. I warrantee my craftsmanship, however I do not warrantee incorrect sizing.